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Diamond Technique Poses

Diamond is our voice over class at Arrichion. This is a very mediative and relaxing class.This is why we dim the lights, have a voice recording, and candles. It is also a class with little instruction so you can zone out and focus solely on your own practice.

Lisako has created Technique tips for each pose you may be confused with. This will help you correct your form, and go deeper in the pose.  Enjoy!

Namaste 🙂





Run This City 

My favorite place to run depends on the distance. If it’s 3-4 miles I LOVE the light rail. 1. It’s FLAT. 2. Not many stop lights 3. It’s safe 4. It’s near Arrichion 5. You get to see so many other runners! And finally 6. It has this cool magic carpet 

If I am running long distance 7-10 miles my favorite spot is near Queens road. I have an awesome loop that goes from Park road to Woodlawn to selwyn to queens to uptown and ending on South Blvd. it’s a beautiful run. Some parts are hilly but the beautiful homes distract you and on queens road it’s flat 😉
Where are your favorite places to run?!? Finding the mileage in Charlotte is hard but makes you explore this city!
Check out Melissa’s blog on this same topic 
Also remember it’s that time to sign up for the Charlotte half or full Marathon. Use my promo code: quinnrey 

Namaste 🙂 

What to wear on your feet…

I buy shoes based on how cute they are! The last few that I have bought all have been Asics. They are super cute and super comfy. I am not sure how I run but I do know I’ve had to get my shoes half a size bigger because I keep losing toe nails… Even half a size bigger still makes this happen. Anyone else have this problem?! It used to happen a lot when I played soccer but I thought that was due to kicking the ball or being stepped on. Not very attractive but oh well! 
What kind of shoes do you buy?! I always make sure I can wear them for fun too. Not just for running 🙂 

Check out Melissa’s blog on what kind of runner she is and how she purchases her running shoes.

It is getting closer to marathon training. Make sure to sign up soon. Use my promo code quinnrey 

Namaste 🙂 

Shorts vs Yoga pants for Running

melissa & quinn run
Photo by Jeffrey Oyler / photo illustration and logo by Melissa Oyler Designs

What do I wear when I go out for a run… I have mixed feelings about this and depends on the day. Since I am always in yoga pants and usually running straight into class I do prefer my capri yoga pants from Athleta. But on race day or a hot summer day where I am running more than 7 miles I need my Athleta running shorts. I feel like I can run faster and better on race day in shorts. What do you prefer?! I know some of my friends like spandex shorts or skirts. I haven’t tried either yet.


I am super excited to purchase these NEW Athleta shorts to inspire me to start running longer distances.


Remember if you are running the Novant Charlotte Marathon sign up using my promo code: QUINNREY      I am excited to be running the half  =)

To Stretch or not to stretch…


I have a confession… I never stretch before or after a run unless I am running straight into a hot yoga class. Believe it or not I hate stretching. I have so much discipline until it comes to stretching. That is why I have to take actual classes and believe me it has helped my running so much. Before training for the Thunder Road I  was not a consistent running, I hated running. When I started training my motivation was to clear my head and run a few before I had to teach and take. Now my favorite combo is going for a run and running literally straight into my favorite Deep Stretch class, Diamond. Diamond holds some of my favorite poses for 2-4mins. Here is a video of how to do one of those poses and why its so good for runners.

melissa & quinn blog
Photo by Jeffrey Oyler / photo illustration and logo by Melissa Oyler Designs
Another pose that you will find in Diamond is Garland Pose (pictured below) . This is such a great pose to stretch out your achilles, calves,hips and inner thighs. All muscles that really tighten up after running.



So the Answer to the question is YES STRETCH and use the heat! Plus its a great cardio workout with so many added benefits such as breathing, mental focus and toughness. Give it a try runners!


Check out Melissa’s blog on this same  and remember if you are signing up for the Novant Charlotte Marathon use my promo code: quinnrey


Namaste =)

What I eat before a long run or Race Day !

melissa & quinn run
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What I eat before a long run?

I never used to think about nutrition before working out until I started running. You never think will I not be able to use the bathroom at the yoga studio or at the gym. Wait till you get out running in the middle of Charlotte and realize I gotta go and now… That’s when you’ll start planning on what to eat before running


My go to before a long run day or race day is hot water with lemon, coffee and a bowl oatmeal. Then I sit in Hero pose to get things going and to calm my nerves. It is a very mediative pose. Here is some great information on this pose from Yoga Journal.


After Run nutrition. I am never hungry just extremely thirsty so my go to is a Green Smoothie. Here is the recipe for my favorite smoothie not only does it taste good it hydrates me at the same time!


  • 3 big Handfuls of Baby Spinach
  • Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
  • Ice
  • Coconut water
  • Organic Frozen Mangos(I like the ones at Trader Joes)
  • Top with Walnuts if you want some crunch to your smoothie

Find What works best for you during your training and on Race Day. Remember if you are signing up for the Novant Charlotte Marathon use my promo code, quinnrey   😉 You can do the full, half or relay!

One last thing check out Melissa’s blog on her race day nutrition!

melissa & quinn blog
Photo by Jeffrey Oyler / photo illustration and logo by Melissa Oyler Designs



Send me questions or comments.


Running fast vs. Running long


melissa & quinn blog
Photo by Jeffrey Oyler / photo illustration and logo by Melissa Oyler Designs

If you would have asked me 3 years ago if I would or could run more than 4 miles I would have laughed. I would go for 3 and that is it. Now I do prefer shorter races compared to Melissa but I do actually like going out for a long runs. Melissa is all about a half or a full on a Saturday where as I am thinking lets race a 5 or 10k and enjoy the rest of the day! . Watch my video for motivation on how to start enjoying longer distances for fun…


Pushing yourself to run longer distances and faster 5ks 

Check out Melissa’s blog post on this same topic!



The Tortoise & The Hare–Unlikely Run Buddies

I grew up playing soccer so I was always forced to run but still didn’t like it unless I was chasing a soccer ball down the field…. until one of my Charlotte yogis talked me into running 4 miles with her on an extremeley early run. After that day I realized that hot yoga  and my running buddy were my game changers. Hot yoga made me such a better runner and I no longer got the cramps in my side and I no longer dreaded running when it could be a social event. So I started running every morning with Melissa aka the The Toroise until I was up to running 17 miles which at that point I got talked into signing up for the full marathon. I went from running 4 miles to 26.2 and I still don’t know how to this day…


We have completely different running styles and thoughts on running so we thought it was only fitting to create a 7 week series together. To inspire you. Make you laugh. Give you our useful tips and maybe convince you to get out there and run.


I also am excited to announce that I am an Ambassador for the Novant Charlotte Marathon (formerly known as Charlotte Thunder Road). I will be running the HALF marathon this time, as I said I was one and done 2 years ago =) And Titus would kill me if I signed him up for another.



Can’t wait to share our journey with you! If at any point you feel inspired and want to sign up for the Thunder Road sign up under my promo code: QUINNREY


Namaste 😉


Photo by Jeffrey Oyler / photo illustration and logo by Melissa Oyler Designs







Tasty drinks for hydration! 

Here are two fun drinks I made this week

Green Smoothie

*handfuls of spinach( I load it up) 

*cup of frozen organic mangos from trader joes


*unsweetened vanilla almond milk (pour till contents in blender is half covered)

*blend. I use my vitamix and swear by it. It is so easy and quick. I don’t like my smoothie too liquidity. If you blend too much add ice and more spinach!

*topped my smoothie with walnuts. 

After returning from an amazing trip in Chile🇨🇱 I felt bloated from traveling and eating lots of cheese and drinking lots of wine, I needed to detox. This drink is perfect for just that—Watermelon Mint Detox

*cube watermelon (no seeds, publix has the best pre cut pieces)

*mint leaves (I put in half a handful)



*stir it up and enjoy! 

Keep your eye out for next weeks blog. 😊👊🏻💪🏻🙏🏻 

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