I buy shoes based on how cute they are! The last few that I have bought all have been Asics. They are super cute and super comfy. I am not sure how I run but I do know I’ve had to get my shoes half a size bigger because I keep losing toe nails… Even half a size bigger still makes this happen. Anyone else have this problem?! It used to happen a lot when I played soccer but I thought that was due to kicking the ball or being stepped on. Not very attractive but oh well! 
What kind of shoes do you buy?! I always make sure I can wear them for fun too. Not just for running 🙂 

Check out Melissa’s blog on what kind of runner she is and how she purchases her running shoes. http://melissaoh.com/2016/06/run-fashion-what-to-wear-on-your-feet/

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Namaste 🙂