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June 2016

Run This City 

My favorite place to run depends on the distance. If it’s 3-4 miles I LOVE the light rail. 1. It’s FLAT. 2. Not many stop lights 3. It’s safe 4. It’s near Arrichion 5. You get to see so many other runners! And finally 6. It has this cool magic carpet 

If I am running long distance 7-10 miles my favorite spot is near Queens road. I have an awesome loop that goes from Park road to Woodlawn to selwyn to queens to uptown and ending on South Blvd. it’s a beautiful run. Some parts are hilly but the beautiful homes distract you and on queens road it’s flat 😉
Where are your favorite places to run?!? Finding the mileage in Charlotte is hard but makes you explore this city!
Check out Melissa’s blog on this same topic 
Also remember it’s that time to sign up for the Charlotte half or full Marathon. Use my promo code: quinnrey 

Namaste 🙂 

What to wear on your feet…

I buy shoes based on how cute they are! The last few that I have bought all have been Asics. They are super cute and super comfy. I am not sure how I run but I do know I’ve had to get my shoes half a size bigger because I keep losing toe nails… Even half a size bigger still makes this happen. Anyone else have this problem?! It used to happen a lot when I played soccer but I thought that was due to kicking the ball or being stepped on. Not very attractive but oh well! 
What kind of shoes do you buy?! I always make sure I can wear them for fun too. Not just for running 🙂 

Check out Melissa’s blog on what kind of runner she is and how she purchases her running shoes.

It is getting closer to marathon training. Make sure to sign up soon. Use my promo code quinnrey 

Namaste 🙂 

Shorts vs Yoga pants for Running

melissa & quinn run
Photo by Jeffrey Oyler / photo illustration and logo by Melissa Oyler Designs

What do I wear when I go out for a run… I have mixed feelings about this and depends on the day. Since I am always in yoga pants and usually running straight into class I do prefer my capri yoga pants from Athleta. But on race day or a hot summer day where I am running more than 7 miles I need my Athleta running shorts. I feel like I can run faster and better on race day in shorts. What do you prefer?! I know some of my friends like spandex shorts or skirts. I haven’t tried either yet.


I am super excited to purchase these NEW Athleta shorts to inspire me to start running longer distances.


Remember if you are running the Novant Charlotte Marathon sign up using my promo code: QUINNREY      I am excited to be running the half  =)

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