I have a confession… I never stretch before or after a run unless I am running straight into a hot yoga class. Believe it or not I hate stretching. I have so much discipline until it comes to stretching. That is why I have to take actual classes and believe me it has helped my running so much. Before training for the Thunder Road I  was not a consistent running, I hated running. When I started training my motivation was to clear my head and run a few before I had to teach and take. Now my favorite combo is going for a run and running literally straight into my favorite Deep Stretch class, Diamond. Diamond holds some of my favorite poses for 2-4mins. Here is a video of how to do one of those poses and why its so good for runners.

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Photo by Jeffrey Oyler / photo illustration and logo by Melissa Oyler Designs melissaoyler.com
Another pose that you will find in Diamond is Garland Pose (pictured below) . This is such a great pose to stretch out your achilles, calves,hips and inner thighs. All muscles that really tighten up after running.



So the Answer to the question is YES STRETCH and use the heat! Plus its a great cardio workout with so many added benefits such as breathing, mental focus and toughness. Give it a try runners!


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